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LEGACY is all about PEOPLE (part one)

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LEGACY is all about PEOPLE (part 1)

"Priority Status" is a label the US Post Office places on packages to insure that it arrives in-time for  a special occasion; in the kingdom of God, relationship has "Priority Status". 
In Galatians 2:2 NLT, the Apostle Paul declared, "I went there because God revealed to me that I should go. While I was there, I met privately with those considered to be leaders of the church and shared with them the message I had been preaching to the Gentiles."
LEGACY is all about PEOPLE and "Going by Revelation" is the style of Legacy of Worship, Int'l. God has a much greater purpose in mind than arranging a weekend meeting, revival or missions trip, when linking us with other ministries. 
We'll never forget "how" we first went to East Africa. We were leading worship at a conference at The Dwelling Place in Irving, Texas back in 2009. Two weeks prior to the conference, Bill wrote a song, titled: Release Heaven's Rain. This song was sung on Friday night of the conference and used as a musical backdrop during a designated time of prayer for 5 nations.
Pastor Cosmas was from the city of Mombasa. He stepped to the microphone and declared, "The drought is over!" We echoed his declaration for several minutes, believing God would send rain to his nation that had little or no rain for 3 years. Bill's song was prophetic, and, as always, God was "up to something good".
The next morning Pastor Cosmas received a text from his wife, reading, "IT'S RAINING!" When calculating the time difference, we determined that the rain began the same hour the declaration was made.
But this "Prophetic Moment" presented a slight challenge for Cosmas. Bishop Gilead, who presides over more than 1,000 churches in East Africa, told him, "We no longer believe in prophets and prophetic happenings." This was told to Cosmas only 2 weeks prior to leaving for our conference.
Pastor Cosmas politely asked Brother Bill, "What shall I do? What can I say to Bishop Gilead?"
Bill replied, "Just tell Bishop the story."
Within 2 months, Bishop Gilead sent word, saying, "Bill, please come to Mombasa and teach us." 
Now, you know "how" we went to East Africa the first time! God chose it for us; we went by revelation. Like Moses, we went in response to the cries of God's people! It's been 10 years, now; in fact, this blog was written from Kenya!
The photo below was taken during that 2009 missions conference, when, it a tender moment, Bill prayed for Pastor Cosmas. The photo reflects relationship and commitment to PEOPLE. Please read the caption, too, as it further describes our heart.

In next week's blog "Part 2 of LEGACY is all about PEOPLE", read about "how" we then connected to Burundi, a nation currently being transformed by the power of God! Once again, you'll be inspired by our unfolding story! 

Please reply with your prayer requests. I will be our pleasure to pray for you, too! How may we serve you.


The LEGACY team

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