Saturday, July 13, 2019

LEGACY is all about TRANSFORMATION (part 2)

LEGACY is all about TRANSFORMATION (part 2)

LEGACY is all about TRANSFORMATION, because, although it can take a while to see fruition in ministry, it is tangible-eternal evidence that God is working in that city or region of the world! Much to our delight, LEGACY has been directly involved in several transformation-opportunities, as stated in part one of LEGACY is all about TRANSFORMATION. We'll look at them one-by-one, over the next few weeks. We will begin with South Korea.


Brother Bill was contacted by Highest Praise Worship Ministry of Seoul in 2011 after submitting his worship book "Beyond The Gates Of Praise" for possible publication. After reading his book, their reply included, "Brother Bill, we have been looking for a book that speaks about Apostolic Worship. We need to publish your book in South Korea." 
But, soon enough, an additional email came stating, "Brother Bill, let's put a hold on your book. We believe our country in not ready for this heavy message."
After some discussion, Bill was asked to join Matt Redman (England-International songwriter and worship artist), Kari Jobe (Dallas, TX-Gateway Worship), Allen Hood (Kansas City, KS-International House Of Prayer), Dean Mitchum (Santa Rosa Beach, FL-Christian International Ministries), Bob Sorge (Kansas City, MO-Oasis House), Bob Fitts (Kailua-Kona, HI-Bob Fitts Music), several Korean worship leaders, and, of course, our Brother Bill (McAlester, OK-Legacy of Worship, Int'l).
These worship ministries were asked to collaboratively write two chapters each to introduce South Korea to heaven's expectation of worship. Originally, it was called:

THE W-PROJECT (and later re-named "I Am A Worship Leader".): look will see Brother Bill's photo in the middle of the other global-impacting worship ministries.

To watch two 60 second clips on the W-Project (with photos of the worship artists), select these links:

To see a photo of the book on the publisher's website (with photos of the worship artists):

LEGACY is grateful that God has given Bill and Lynda Faught a global voice! Gathering the nations to worship Jesus is our joy! Be looking for next week's blog, as we present another opportunity for TRANSFORMATION through the ministry of LEGACY. God bless you. Your prayers are much appreciated.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

LEGACY is all about TRANSFORMATION (part 1)

LEGACY is all about TRANSFORMATION (part 1)

LEGACY, the ministry of Bill and Lynda Faught, has TRANSFORMATION in its DNA. We know this is true about the ministry Jesus began two thousand years ago, so why would LEGACY be any different? It is an honor to leave a ministry fingerprint on a doubt about it! Here are a few examples of how LEGACY is part of an ongoing TRANSFORMATION in various countries:

**South Korea: The W-PROJECT, a joint effort to assist in bringing the country into the 21st century in its worship (watch this 1 minute clip of the project with worship artists like: Matt Redman, Kari Jobe, Allen Hood [of IHOP], and more others

The W-Project Book available in Korean only

**The Philippine Islands: Teaching about kingdom principles that helped to trigger economic reform

**Burundi: Building bridges for business in Africa

**Brazil: taking part in its nationwide worship movement

**Producing ministry resources in four languages

**Teaching in Bible Training Centers/Colleges/Universities

A Recent Conference in Kenya

A Recent Conference in Kenya

**Speaking prophetically to governmental officials...and more!

Dr. Albert Nasasagare, Deputy Chief of State Protocol in Mexico City
pictured with a Mexican Senator, Brother Bill, and Pastor Harim Nabi

LEGACY is all about TRANSFORMATION; this is our sincerest desire, as we labor with Christ in SE Asia, Latin America and East Africa. We also hold true to the saying made popular by the Moravians hundreds of years ago: "LET US WIN FOR THE LAMB THE REWARD FOR HIS SUFFERING". His reward is souls, and the desire of the nations are turning to Jesus. 

LEGACY is beyond excited to be part of a worldwide effort by the Church-at-large to present the nations to Jesus. Here is one motto we use often: we are gathering the nations to worship Jesus!

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

LEGACY is all about PEOPLE (part 5)

LEGACY is all about PEOPLE (part 5)

The Philippines is has been on the LEGACY of Worship, Int'l radar since 1978. Bill first went to the Philippines at the young age of 17 years old. He had just graduated from high school when asked to go with an American missionary to Baguio City, the summer capitol of the Philippines in the northern part of the main island, Luzon. The missionary had asked Bill to go for three months during the summer.
Being born into a military family made it easier for Bill to adjust to the sights and sounds of a new culture. The call and destiny of God went swiftly into action!
Upon Bill's return, he and Lynda married in the Spring of 1979 and, by the Fall of that year, they returned to Central Luzon with Evangelists Jimmy and Fran Jones (and daughter Jana) to spend 3 months working conducting outdoor crusades in the cities of Santa Rita and Lubao (in the Pampanga Province), and Bamban (in the Tarlac Province). By the way, 2 of the 3 churches are still thriving!
Helping with the crusades began a life-long relationship with Carlito and Estela Villanueva, the Bishop and First Lady of Calvary Temple Ministries, Int'l based in Angeles City. Now, this relationship spans more than 4 decades.
Today, Bishop and Mrs. Villanueva watch over more then 100 churches in the Philippines, as well as a few other countries as well!
LEGACY of Worship, Int'l has also touched Filipino churches in the USA and Canada, because of their relationship with Bishop Villanueva. In California, this is in Haywood, Vallejo, South San Francisco, Stockton, and Fresno. In Illinois, this is in Skokie, Bolingbrook, Zion, and Chicago. In New York, this is in Staten Island, and Queens...just to name a few churches.
Below is a quick trip down memory lane. RELATIONSHIP is everything! LEGACY is all about PEOPLE!
Evangelist Jimmy Jones under the Big Gospel Tent: 1980's
Bishop Carlito and Estela Villanueva (front row): 1980's
Bill Faught, Jr. (2nd from left on top row) and Lynda Faught (light blue dress)
a few months after they were married: 1979
Bishop Carlito an Estela Villanueva: 2019