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LEGACY is all about TRANSFORMATION (part 2)

LEGACY is all about TRANSFORMATION (part 2)

LEGACY is all about TRANSFORMATION, because, although it can take a while to see fruition in ministry, it is tangible-eternal evidence that God is working in that city or region of the world! Much to our delight, LEGACY has been directly involved in several transformation-opportunities, as stated in part one of LEGACY is all about TRANSFORMATION. We'll look at them one-by-one, over the next few weeks. We will begin with South Korea.


Brother Bill was contacted by Highest Praise Worship Ministry of Seoul in 2011 after submitting his worship book "Beyond The Gates Of Praise" for possible publication. After reading his book, their reply included, "Brother Bill, we have been looking for a book that speaks about Apostolic Worship. We need to publish your book in South Korea." 
But, soon enough, an additional email came stating, "Brother Bill, let's put a hold on your book. We believe our country in not ready for this heavy message."
After some discussion, Bill was asked to join Matt Redman (England-International songwriter and worship artist), Kari Jobe (Dallas, TX-Gateway Worship), Allen Hood (Kansas City, KS-International House Of Prayer), Dean Mitchum (Santa Rosa Beach, FL-Christian International Ministries), Bob Sorge (Kansas City, MO-Oasis House), Bob Fitts (Kailua-Kona, HI-Bob Fitts Music), several Korean worship leaders, and, of course, our Brother Bill (McAlester, OK-Legacy of Worship, Int'l).
These worship ministries were asked to collaboratively write two chapters each to introduce South Korea to heaven's expectation of worship. Originally, it was called:

THE W-PROJECT (and later re-named "I Am A Worship Leader".): look will see Brother Bill's photo in the middle of the other global-impacting worship ministries.

To watch two 60 second clips on the W-Project (with photos of the worship artists), select these links:

To see a photo of the book on the publisher's website (with photos of the worship artists):

LEGACY is grateful that God has given Bill and Lynda Faught a global voice! Gathering the nations to worship Jesus is our joy! Be looking for next week's blog, as we present another opportunity for TRANSFORMATION through the ministry of LEGACY. God bless you. Your prayers are much appreciated.

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