Tuesday, June 18, 2019

LEGACY is all about PEOPLE (part 4)

LEGACY is all about PEOPLE (part 4)

As mentioned in last week's blog, LEGACY had its humble beginnings shorty after resigning from Living Word Church (LWC) in Irving, Texas in 2004. During our LWC pastorate we met Eduardo Ribeiro, a young man from Brazil and a student at Christ For The Nations (CFNI) in Dallas. Eduardo came to LWC by invitation to a missions conference we were hosting. Each night he came to the conference, but Lynda noticed Eduardo would come early to shower and change his clothing. She suspected he was living in his car, and followed him to his vehicle...she soon discovered her suspicions were correct.
Upon this discovery, Lynda said, "Eduardo, you are now our son. You will live with us." The fun commenced for Eduardo did not know many of our American customs, including how to play kick ball: he ran to third base, first. In a good way, both he and our five teenagers tormented one another during early morning routines and birthdays.
During that season of almost 2 years, Eduardo had a vision; neither of us knew that one day he would be an important part of the vision's fulfillment. He saw our ministry like a nest from which others would go and return.
Today, Apostle Eduardo Ribeiro has been happily married to Priscila for 16 years. They have two daughters: Joy (age 12) and Mel (age 10). They returned to Brazil in 2009 to plant MegaVida Church (Great Life Church). It began with a small number and now, 10 years later, the church has more than 170 members and FIRE SCHOOL, a ministry-training center!
In addition, Eduardo has become a sought-after interpreter; he has interpreted for German Crusade Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke and Nigerian Pastor and Philanthropist T. B. Joshua, as well Christian Educators.
LEGACY is elated that the relationship with the Ribeiro family continues to this day. Brazil has been tremendously blessed by their ministry. LEGACY is all about PEOPLE!
Next week's blog will contain more relationship stories!


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